Pourquoi utiliser la feuille d'aluminium à miroir hautement réfléchissant pour les wagons-citernes?

Premièrement, La sécurité d'un camion-citerne en alliage d'aluminium à miroir hautement réfléchissant, la tôle d'aluminium a les performances de sécurité en raison de son caractère unique

1. Le wagon-citerne en tôle d'aluminium à miroir hautement réfléchissant est plus léger, il n'est donc pas facile de retourner le véhicule, et le pneu est moins usé et la sécurité de conduite est bonne.
2. The conductive properties of aluminum alloy materials are good.When a vehicle crashes or tilting, it does not produce a spark, eliminating the fire hazard
3. Corrosion resistance of high reflective mirror aluminum sheet tanker

Second, The aluminum alloy has good corrosion resistance and can form dense alumina coating on its surface to prevent the erosion of atmosphere and moisture

1. The surface of the brush will automatically regenerate the oxide film without rust
2. Due to unnecessary paint, the maintenance costs associated with corrosion can be saved, while the steel tank not only initially needed to be painted, but also maintained regularly during use
3. Don't pollute the oil with rust
4. The aluminum alloy is not corroded, the exterior is bright and clean, beautiful

Thirdly, the reflector cooling purpose

Our grinding technology of high reflective mirror aluminum sheet, the surface is very delicate, very high reflectivity, heat dissipation performance is also improved, especially in the summer or desertification area road tankers effect is remarkable.