Il existe de nombreux types d'aluminium à finition brillante sur le marché, comme rouler, galvanoplastie, anodisation, polissage chimique, etc., en raison de l'alliage d'aluminium avec une spécificité chimique et physique, il est difficile de rendre la feuille d'aluminium pur et d'alliage d'aluminium la même surface brillante que l'acier inoxydable, en raison de la demande rigide du marché, le niveau de qualité de l'aluminium brillant est inégal, in addition to the German coating process after the high-quality bright finish aluminum, almost can not find the same level of bright finish aluminum.

Henan HuaWei Aluminium team use the special precision grinding process, after more than 300 jours, hundreds of tests, and finally create a high-level bright finish aluminum. our bright finish aluminum not only with high reflectivity, but the surface is also very beautiful.

HuaWei bright finish aluminum
1. Width up to 1500mm, thickness and length is customized
2. Mirror roughness can reach 0.02μm
3. Reflectivity can reach more than 95%
4. Mirror delicate, smooth, no obvious scratches, orange peel pattern, straight silk pattern and other undesirable phenomena

HuaWei super bright finish aluminum developed successfully, will be much used in high-end decorative appearance and functional applications.