A introdução da tecnologia de folha de alumínio espelhada laminada a quente alemã custando a folha de alumínio espelhada, através da melhoria contínua e inovação folha de alumínio espelho, fabricação de tecnologia de folha de alumínio espelho para um nível superior, o efeito de espelho de sua folha de alumínio espelhado do que o efeito de espelho laminado a frio é excelente, é amplamente utilizado no teto integrado, parede cortina, solar energy-related equipment and other areas of huge gains, the market area continues to expand.

Mirror aluminum plate integrated ceiling includes heating module, lighting module, ventilation module, etc., which plays an important role in home decoration. With the advantages of simple installation, flexible arrangement and easy maintenance, integrated ceiling has become the favorite of many families or public buildings.

In order to make the mirrored aluminum panel integrated ceiling brightly bring us convenience for a long time, we need to pay attention to the maintenance in the day long life. Mirror aluminum panel integrated ceiling needs regular cleaning. Mirror aluminum plate waterproof and oil-proof is bigger and stronger, so you can feel free to use detergent and water to clean the integrated ceiling; and resistant to scrubbing, will not leave scratches, can be safe to clean. But pay attention to avoiding the circuit in the cleaning process. The first time with detergent, the second time with water to clean, and then air dry or dry towels to wipe off the water drops to dry.