Polished Embossed Aluminum Mirror Sheet processing

The Polished Embossed Aluminum Mirror Sheet processing, screen printing, coating color processes a variety of patterns, and the patterns on the surface with aluminum mirror effect is brilliance,and the effect is very good.
By a special surface treatment technology, various pigments, paints, etc.  specular aluminum can be easily colored, colors and strong performance.

Polished Embossed Aluminum Mirror Sheet Features

Top-grade quality, refined and luxurious outlook, sparkling surface
Greatly reduce the surface treatment process, improve conformity rate, thus effectively reduce cost
Environmental, toxic- free, fire prevention
Anti-interference, electromagnetic wave shielding, and excellent heat dissipation performance
Easy to clean, anti-statically, resist finger print

Polished Embossed Aluminum Mirror Sheet application

1)Further making utensil.
2)Solar reflective film
3)The appearance of the building
4)Interior decorating:ceilings,walls,etc.
5)Furniture cabinets
6)Elevator decoraction
7)Signs,nameplate,bags making.
8)Decorated inside and outside the car
9)Household appliances:refrigerators,microwave ovens,audio equipment,etc.