For special users of aluminum plate, mirror treatment of aluminum plate has the performance essential influence, also can use the term crisis of mirror aluminum plate, under normal circumstances, the first step is spraying aluminum surface treatment, according to different performance requirements of mirror aluminum plate, the designers should adopt different spray drying process.Only those aluminum plates with a uniform surface can be used as the finished product of the mirror aluminum plate.
In actual use, some users will encounter the problem of the surface performance of the mirror aluminum plate, which is caused by the non-standard surface treatment, while the mirror is extremely difficult to clean, In order to meet the use environment of different properties, the surface of mirror aluminum plate needs special anti-oxidation and polishing treatment..

In the market  the superior mirror aluminum plate, it is through the repeating, scientific rigorous surface treatment. The precision of aluminum plate can not only be used in the decoration of products, but also the market price of products.High quality mirror aluminum plate should haves vivid color and mirror persistence.