What is mirror aluminum

Mirror aluminum has been specially processed to make its surface appear highly smooth and mirror-like aluminum products, generally including mirror aluminum plate, mirror aluminum coil, mirror aluminum foil, mirror aluminum strip, mirror aluminum disc, mirror aluminum tube, mirror aluminum profiles, etc.

Mirror aluminum

The reflectivity of mirror aluminum can reach up to 95%, and customers can customize mirror aluminum with different reflectivities according to their needs.

The main production process of mirror aluminum

Degreasing, the lubricants and rolling oil used in the production process of aluminum materials, and the oil, dust, impurity particles, etc. that are likely to come into contact during transportation and post-processing will be deposited on the surface of the aluminum materials, and serious pollutants will be formed. . These contaminants on the surface of the aluminum material will prevent the surface from fully contacting the treatment solution, and cannot obtain a uniform treatment effect. Therefore, during the surface treatment of aluminum materials, chemical cleaning must first be carried out to remove surface oil and pollutants. This process is also called degreasing or degreasing.

Rolling is a technology used to give the original plate a plate shape. By using this technology, the plate can be made flat. At the same time, if this technology is passed, the material can be stretched and elongated, and reach a certain standard in thickness and length, so that it can be deeply processed and deformed after imitation.

Polishing is a more critical production link. Through this link, we can see products that are as smooth as mirrors, which is probably where the name mirror aluminum plate products come from. The function of grinding is to make the previously uneven areas on the board smoother, and because the process is relatively delicate, it will not hinder the properties of the product itself.

Classification of mirror aluminum

Mirror aluminum can be classified according to the reflectivity and glossiness of its surface

  • - Standard mirror: It has basic mirror reflection effect and is suitable for applications with relatively moderate mirror requirements.
  • - High mirror surface: The surface reflectivity is higher and the gloss is brighter. It is suitable for occasions with high requirements for decorative effects.
  • - Super mirror: It has extremely high reflectivity and an almost flawless surface. It is often used in applications that require the ultimate mirror effect or have strict requirements on reflection accuracy.

Application of mirror aluminum

Mirror aluminum is widely used in various decorative and functional scenarios due to its beautiful appearance and excellent performance characteristics, including but not limited to:

Mirror aluminum application

  • - Indoor and outdoor decoration materials: such as building curtain walls, indoor walls, ceilings, column decorations, etc., to increase the visual effect and modernity of the space.
  • - Car interior and exterior decoration: such as car interior parts, body trim strips, headlight reflectors, etc., to enhance vehicle grade and design.
  • - Home appliance panel production: front panels of household appliances such as refrigerators, air conditioners, TVs, etc., giving the products a high-end and fashionable appearance.
  • - Lamp decoration: such as lamp housings, reflectors, etc., to enhance light reflection and diffusion effects, improve lighting efficiency and aesthetic value.